Privacy Policy

First Term: Introduction

  1. The meaning of (privacy policy) in the application of Estenara is: methods for collecting technical data necessary to protect the personal information of users of the application.
  2. It is meant by (user) wherever it is mentioned in the privacy policy: is anyone who creates an account for him on the application and that is based on the following division: the client with the intention of benefiting from the consulting services available therein. The consultant with the intention of providing advisory services to clients through it.
  3. By downloading the application and creating your own user page in it, you agree to the privacy policy directly, and the privacy policy is a binding agreement for both parties without a specific period.
  4. When necessary, the privacy policy will be modified, either in whole or in part, or by deleting or adding what requires that without taking your consent. The amendment will also be published on the application and the amendment will be effective from the date of its publication in the application and after publication your existence in the application is considered your commitment and evidence of satisfaction and acceptance of the privacy policy contained in the modified version.
  5. The application prevents itself from saving the advisory sessions as the relationship between the client and the consultant is private - encrypted - the application cannot view it.
  6. The application saves the user page information registered in it only to be used by the application administration or customer service in it or when needed in accordance with the laws and legislation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Second Term: User Information

  1. The application does not save any electronic payment data when reserving the advisory service, as payments are processed through electronic payment gateways independent of the application and approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Dear user, when you register on the application in order to benefit from its services, we will ask you to provide us (name - mobile number - email - date of birth - gender - country - city).
  3. When you request to register in the application, you will receive messages to activate your user page in order to monitor fraud and to ensure the correctness of the registration and its safety from technical risks.
  4. The client acknowledges that the application is granted access to the camera and its photo library to upload the required documents that the consultant may need while submitting the consultation. The application also confirms that it encrypts these uploaded documents and that he has no right to see or save them, since the relationship between the client and the consultant is confidential for them.
  5. The application administration grants its customer service access to user information in order to serve them, to measure performance, and to ensure the quality of the services provided.
  6. The application recognizes the device when it is installed, and this includes information such as the device type, operating system information, browser information, Internet Protocol address, and mobile network information, including phone number and device identifiers.
  7. The application is obligated not to amend the users' data unless the user requests that due to a technical problem in his account, and the application is obligated to present the data recorded in it as it is without change.

Third Term: Cookie Information

  1. Cookies will be sent to your device from the application and they will be stored on your device, and the application assigns a different cookie for each device it connects to.
  2. The application uses cookies to recognize your device and its operating system and to provide you with its necessary technical services
  3. When assessing its own application when needed, it will analyse and use the data and information recorded in it to improve its services and develop them, add or delete other services or features, or publish advertisements without requesting consent from the user

Fourth Term:Sharing Recorded Data With Another Party

  1. The application will, when needed, share the user's data registered in it with another party in order to help improve the services provided to its users and fix problems when they occur.
  2. In some cases, the application may be required by the judicial or investigation authorities and the like to share the information recorded in the application with them (name - mobile number - email - date of birth - gender - country - city), in implementation of the laws and legislations established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. When needed, the application will share the data recorded in it with another party for research, investigation, or judiciary to take action on illegal or fraudulent acts suspected or cases involving threats or violations of the terms of the application terms of use agreement or privacy policy or when trying to harm the application or Other violations, as required by laws and legislation.
  4. The application will directly share or deliver the data recorded in it with the parties that may own the application in the future, whether through merger or acquisition, in full or in part, and when this happens, you will receive messages to do so via the mobile or e-mail registered in the application.

Fifth Term: General Rules

  1. The user has the right to keep all his data recorded in the application or to amend them with limited powers from his account settings whenever he desires to do so. The client and the consultant have the right to exchange text messages between them and they can access it at any time.
  2. The application securely maintains the data recorded in it by following high standards in information security management to preserve its confidentiality and quality from cyber-attacks and so on.
  3. Upon the end of the contractual relationship with the application, it will continue to save (archive) the following data (name - mobile number - email - date of birth - gender - country - city) and others upon modification if it occurs so that he can return to it upon re-registration again or for commercial purposes Or technical, or upon request from official authorities, and so on.
  4. The application assures its dear users that there is no 100% secure transmission method over the Internet, so it cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the data in it as it is technically known.